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Heather. 15. Christian. A girl who plotted with Junko, traveled with Fuu, Mugen and Jin, became a sailor scout, saved Zelda, resides in Sindria.

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Red Rose


Wind Waker HD Icons Part 1

feel free to use, no credit needed!!


A pencil drawing I digitally touched up. My two favorite boys.

  bonbonbunny said:
Identify this poorly-described video game!: You were just trying to enjoy the fair when suddenly the princess is accidentally sent back in time and also a giant, spiny one-eyed abomination is going to destroy the world.

Was this zelda

me: walks into living room
tv: tonight on how its made
me: stands in same spot for 30 minutes watching how garbage bags are made


i don’t run an anime blog, i run a personal blog and it just happens to be all anime


Glowing necklaces available once again in my shop! -

Even though the winged ones take a lot longer to make, people like them a lot, so I managed to make 10 of them this week~! Along with other designs, of course. Remember, these sell out really fast, so if you want one, better get it now! I upload new designs every few weeks or so (unless I’m hella busy), so if you want to know how to get notified about uploads, or if you have any other questions, read this FAQ here!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend~!